Make Use of That Corner!

The kitchen corner…what are you supposed to do to make use of that valuable storage space? Well, there is the Lazy Susan, but let’s give this idea a second try–a luxury upgrade.

One of the hottest items installed in kitchens these days is the Magic Corner. Here, at Designs Unlimited, we install them in many of our kitchens, whether it be a Poggenpohl, Wood-Mode, or custom job, it’s a great solution for awkward corner space. Häfele, one of the leading international companies for furniture fittings, architectural hardware, electronic locking systems and technical hardware, is one company that offers the smart and functional feature in kitchen design.

Magic Corner
The Magic Corner is a smart and chic solution to the kitchen corner storage dilemma.

So what exactly is the Magic Corner? The Magic corner is a mechanism inside of a cabinet that allows you to make the most out of your storage space by using the whole corner which would ordinarily be unreachable. As you open the cabinet door, it pulls with it a couple of baskets while two more baskets that were hiding far back in the corner extend to the front of unit. This allows you to use the baskets in the back for storage space with an easy and seamless way of accessing them.

The mechanism is a gliding system that provides a smooth transition from closed and secret storage hideaway, to an open cabinet with four or more baskets full of your essential kitchen tools, small appliances, and accessories.

So while in the search of a kitchen corner solution, you have another option! The Magic Corner is a great alternative to the Lazy Susan for making use of those corners. It’s practical and stylish, not to mention a cool element of your new kitchen that you can show off to your friends.

So, here’s to the clever Magic Corner!

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