Five Kitchen Design Trends

custom cabinetry
High-gloss white thermofoil cabinetry is offset with black granite countertops to give this Grosse Ile, Mich., kitchen a bold, contemporary flair.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to remodel your kitchen, or a builder or other professional trying to identify the best design options for your clients, understanding the latest trends can help you make choices that will provide long-term satisfaction. As a design specialist and custom cabinetry provider, Designs Unlimited never does the same thing twice. However, as we work with a variety of different types of clients, we often recognize trending preferences for key design elements.

Here are five kitchen design trends:

1. Nontraditional Materials Move to First Class.

Wood is still a popular cabinetry material, but nontraditional materials such as thermofoil and laminates are no longer viewed as second best. In fact, these materials are increasingly the first choice among consumers. The emergence of wood look-alikes is driving this trend. The newest laminate materials are textured to look like woodgrains, and they withstand many years of wear. Thermofoil, which consists of medium-density fiberboard wrapped in vinyl, provides a smooth, seamless surface with endless design possibilities. Both thermofoil cabinetry and plastic laminates are moisture resistant and are much easier to clean and maintain than wood. These materials can be paired with stainless steel edges for a stylish, contemporary look in custom cabinetry.

2. There’s a Bright Outlook on Color.

Consumers are tired of dark colors; they’re looking for colors that will infuse their kitchen with light. Look for white and light gray to be the colors of choice this year, along with pale woodgrains.

3. The Walls are Tumbling Down.

Today’s kitchen is the center of the home. Much more than just a meal preparation area, the kitchen is a homework station, research center, bill paying center, family room—it’s in the middle of all the action. As a result, the walls are coming down. More than any other home improvement project, consumers are opening up their kitchens into other rooms to create one large, central space that is both welcoming and practical.

4. Appliances Are Going Into Hiding.

As consumers embrace their kitchen at the center of their home, they want it to look less like a kitchen. Microwaves, refrigerators, ranges and dishwashers are being integrated into custom cabinetry. Likewise, cabinetry is beginning to look more like furniture and less like traditional cabinetry.

5. LEDs Present Custom Cabinetry in a Whole New Light.

Gone are the days of halogen and xenon undercabinet lighting. Today, everyone wants LEDs. LED lighting is energy efficient, long-lasting and cool to the touch. It offers a low-profile design that allows lighting to run all the way around a countertop with no gaps in color. Showing off beautiful custom cabinetry is easier than ever with the wide availability of LED lighting.

 What trends are you seeing? Share your thoughts below.

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